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‘A rapture of disillusion’: Crump Redivivus at the Contemporary Small Press

Visitors to this website may already be familiar with the Contemporary Small Press, an intrepid undertaking which aims ‘to help lots of new readers find what they’re looking for from the UK’s best contemporary small publishers’. The Voidery Aperture has been following the project since early 2016, so it’s a particular pleasure to see Neil Godsell’s Crump Redivivus now appearing among the reviews – in a sensitive and insightful reading which may be viewed here.

Just in time for la rentrée littéraire

organchess now available

Peter Meinl-Kemper's hyper-splenetic long poem Organchess is now available to purchase.


Be there or be [a] square [bear].

Concerto na troikh

organchess concerto na troihk

Have the band strike up a fanfare; it’s time to get moving.


After a long silence, the Voidery Aperture re-emerges (clad in appropriate summer attire) to announce the publication of Peter Meinl-Kemper’s Organchess, due for arrival in your webstore of choice at the end of August 2017. Interested parties are invited to visit the Books section, where the usual free sample is available for download.


The Voidery Aperture: exciting, innovative, challenging, etc., etc.

Brilliant Omnisquanderbus now available

brilliant omnisquanderbus now available

Just in time for Halloween.


Treat a loved one to it. The perfect Christmas gift.


Good at any time of year.

The finishing touches

matt prudhoe brilliant omnisquanderbus publication

‘Going swimmingly.’ Remember that? Everyone was saying it in the nineties. Early to mid-, was it? Early to mid-1990s. It must have been great back then, in the early to mid-1990s, because nearly everyone had something going on that was not just going well but going swimmingly.


Or was it just an influential minority? People at ease in conversation at dinner parties; people who tended to dominate, in an effortless way, at wedding receptions. Maybe they were the only people who said ‘going swimmingly’, back in the early to mid-1990s.


Which brings us to the main point. The Voidery Aperture is pleased to announce that the final preparations for the publication of our second title, Matt Prudhoe’s Brilliant Omnisquanderbus, are going well. So well, in fact, that an earlier publication date is now anticipated – probably some time in mid-October rather than in November as previously stated.


A sample of the work is now available from the Books section.


The Voidery Aperture meets the Carolingians

voidery aperture carolingian

Almost like encountering a reflection of yourself. A reflection in stone.


Still here, it says.


Still here, but somehow also, simultaneously, not. And with a finer head of hair.


Idealized representation of the Crump Redivivus launch party

idealized representation crump redivivus launch party

Note literary/dipso-curious fly to left of wine glass. (Click to enlarge.)

Dramatic representation of the Crump Redivivus launch party

dramatic representation of the crump redivivus launch party

Mercifully, the author was not present. (Prescriptive grammarians: please note controversial use of sentence adverb.)

In the interests of balance and fairness...

the marketplace also dumps

... we should point out that the marketplace also dumps.

On the move at last

the voidery aperture on the move at last

Moving and stopping. And then moving again, and stopping. We have moved and stopped, and have settled without invitation.


Soon it will be time to dump our burden, dump it shamelessly in the marketplace.