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The Voidery Aperture publishes contemporary European fiction and poetry, with a particular focus on experimental writing and literary miserabilism.


Prospective readers are cordially invited to visit our Books section, where an excerpt from each work may be downloaded for closer inspection. 

New and forthcoming from the Voidery Aperture

the voidery aperture new and forthcoming books


Neil Godsell's Crump Redivivus, Matt Prudhoe's Brilliant Omnisquanderbus and Peter Meinl-Kemper's Organchess now available.


For further information, please see the Books section.


The Voidery Aperture's books may be ordered from the usual online suppliers or, should you wish to support an embattled service industry, from any reputable bookshop. If you prefer to order through a bookshop, please assist your bookseller by quoting the ISBN of the required title, which can be found in the Books section. Booksellers requiring assistance in the ordering process are welcome to contact us.

Ephemeral things

The view from Pech Merle Null. Not so much a blog; more a travelogue of sorts, charting the Voidery Aperture's clunky processional maunder round the back roads of the literary wilderness. There are morsels of text, and photographs of stuff glimpsed on the way. To visit this adjunct lurkspace, please click here.


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